My personal growth has been a function of two types of investments:

  • The larger, intensive commitments: Going for immersive, multi-day programs where I find deep learning and transformational shifts, as well as like-minded individuals and a sense of community.

  • The smaller, continuous investments: Working one-on-one with professionals like therapists and coaches, journaling, learning from a variety of self-paced resources like books and online courses, and proactively reaching out to connect with people I’m inspired and supported by

Here, I share many of the resources I’ve used and found helpful in my journey of learning to thrive, as well as some of the resources I’ve created along the way.

In-person Programs

Immersive, multi-dimensional programs

  • Mission Impossible Leadership Program – A 7 day intensive, residential program (done in two parts – 4 days and then 3 days), primarily in India, on personal transformation, purpose and leadership development

  • The School of Life - 5-Day Intensive ‘Summer School’ in the UK, a highly condensed version of their entire curriculum (Check of their Youtube channel and The Book of Life where all their wisdom resides)

  • Starting Bloc Institute – A 5 day program, in the US, for social changemakers to find tools and community for authentic and inclusive leadership

Workshops on a specific topic/body of knowledge  

  • Advaita Vedanta retreats by Neema and Surya, intensive 5-10 day residential retreats in India and abroad on the lessons from ancient Indian texts, perspective of the nature of self and tools to living intelligently (many books and teachers out there)

  • Nonviolent Communication workshops, on learning how to understand and communicate with yourself and others in a way that builds connection (look up the book or interviews by Marshall Goldsmith or certified NVC trainers) (read my blog post on NVC here)

Experiential Programs

(Where you learn by experiencing your behaviour in a certain situation, rather than being taught or facilitated)

  • ISABS Human Process Labs – An experiential 5 day residential ‘lab’, where you directly explore and experience what’s happening inside you and others over 5 days, unique insights on how you show up in a group setting, how you impact others and how they impact you

  • Group Relations Conference – A unique experience where you discover how you show up as a leader, in groups especially in an organizational setting, your relationship with power, authority, teamwork, leadership

Long-form, training programs that combine skills with personal growth

  • Coaching for Transformation (CFT): 9 month program with 12 in-person training days, weekly teleclasses, mentoring and 80+ hours of coaching practice (once a year, in India; also across the US and Europe)

  • Mission Impossible Leadership – Train the Trainer Program – 14 days of in-person training on facilitation and personal development + many more days of assisting and practice over the course of a year

Shorter, less intensive workshops/programs

  • Emerge: A program run by Tushar Gogia, over 3-4 days over the course of a few months, to understand yourself better and maximise your potential, using the Birkman assessment as well as coaching, reflection and other exercises

  • Be You For You: A 4-6 hour workshop run by Elita Almeida on expressive writing, learning to explore yourself and communicate with yourself (sidenote: I’ve had my own journaling practice all my life and it is one of the most helpful tools)  



  • Starting Bloc – A community of fellows who have all completed the 5-day Institute mentioned above, with an active facebook group and culture of ‘gives’ and ‘asks’, and more recently some structured opportunities to engage with each other like group accountability structures and bootcamps 

  • Putty Tribe – An online community of ‘multipotentialites’ (people pursuing multiple passions) curated by Emily Wapnick, with many ways to engage

One on one support

  • Psychotherapy – I work with a therapist who has a psychodynamic/psychoanalytic approach

  • Coaching – I work remotely with a mindfulness coach, Susan Weiss Berry, first focusing on mindful and intuitive eating and then also bringing mindfulness to other aspects of my life

  • Loving Accountability Partner – This is a structured relationship which supports me in staying aligned and making progress on all of my life goals (read my blog post on this here)

Social media thought leaders (@Instagram)


Self-Paced Resources

Online Courses





(Other than what’s on the Helloo Sunshine! platform)

  • Therapy in - A website for beginners to therapy, with the basics of what they need to know before looking for a therapist and then a list of resources where they can find therapists