A note on resources….in-person programs help build community

This is not comprehensive but these are some of them

Journalling practice

in-person immersive programs

I find immersive programs to be most effective in resulting in a perspective shift and deep sense of learning

Introspection, perspective generation - exercises to facilitate

  • Mission Impossible Leadership Program: A 7-day program held over the course of a year, starting with the first 4 days of intensive work.

  • School of Life Summer School: A 4-day program

  • Starting Bloc

Experiential workshops - experience your behaviour


  • Group Relations

Long form training programs - most powerful, if you will use coaching or facilitating skills in any way

  • CFT

  • MILP T3

Short form workshops

  • Expressive Writing

  • Emerge Leadership program - Birkman as a tool

Online Courses

  • Passion Quest: Self-paced course

  • A Life of Happiness and Fulfilment: On Coursera, over 6 weeks

  • Be Who you Are by Robin Rice

Body of Knowledge

You can find retreats or workshops around these topics

  • Advaita Vedanta

  • Nonviolent Communication


The importance of communities in my growth…

  • Starting Bloc

  • Putty Tribe


  • Psychotherapy: How I see it; to learn more and to find a therapist

  • Coaching: How I see it

  • Accountability Partner


Some favourites (biased towards what I’m currently reading)

  • Books: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown (inner work), Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski (female sexuality and wellbeing), Share your Work by Austin Kleon,

  • Podcasts: Food Psych (intuitive eating), Relationships Alive, On-being

  • Blogs: Waitbutwhy, ElephantJournal, BrainPickings

  • Instagram: @thefatsextherapist