My projects


I choose projects that align with my vision, passions and strengths; which help me build the skills I need to make the impact I desire; and which allow me to grow and thrive in my own life. While they’re constantly evolving, some of them include:



Facilitating workshops and events which catalyse personal growth and create safe spaces and supportive communities for people to be authentic and connected. Some examples:

  • Mini-course on Self-Discovery with students at GISB, to explore their strengths, passions and purpose in order to build a fulfilling career and life

  • Thrive-Craft: An experiential workshop to deepen one’s understanding of what thriving means for them and how they might live that out, in collaboration with Rodney J. Agnant

  • Emotional intelligence workshops at Swasth

  • Events to build the Starting Bloc community in India (a global fellowship of leaders in social change)



Creating content in various formats, to share knowledge that is clear, concise and practical and to increase access to other helpful resources. Some examples:

  •, a website that provides practical information on mental health and therapy in India - what you need to know, how to find a therapist, and helpful resources

  • From Stress to Success, an online course on practical self-care for Indian youth, on


Coaching on personal transformation and leadership with social changemakers and/or purpose-driven individuals. Some examples:

  • Coaching the leadership team at Swasth, a health-focused non-profit in Mumbai

  • Coaching social changemakers associated with the Global Action on Poverty (GAP) Foundation, including Kayakalp, a young social enterprise working with traditional artists in Delhi

I work well with individuals who are willing to stretch themselves and live with courage; who are connected to themselves and the world around them.



Learning for my personal development, to connect with like-minded communities and potential collaborators, and to learn tools that I can share through my work.


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My past work experience includes working in finance and strategy consulting, across the corporate and development sectors, across the US and India. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more details.