A new kind of accountability relationship

One of my biggest highlights of 2018 is a new kind of friendship in my life: a loving accountability partnership.

  • Why? To be more intentional about how we live, to feel supported in our journeys of growth.

  • What do we do? Every week, we share our progress and intentions for our lives with each other. In writing and over a phone call.

  • How do we do it? With a strong dose of empathy, encouragement and trust in each other.

This relationship has transformed the way I live, as well as how I communicate and what I expect across all my friendships. Ultimately, it is a fantastic tool for your personal growth and living the life you want. In this post, I also share specific guidance for setting this up for yourself.

Part 1: Shifting my mindset away from weight loss

I’ve been in deep conflict with my previous approach of focusing on weight loss and emphasis the use of mindfulness to do so.

I don’t want to be mindful because it will help maintain my weight. I don’t want to be driven by fear. I want to be mindful because I want to listen to my body and give it the care it deserves. I want to be mindful because it makes me feel good and it allows me to thrive.

How I lost 14kg in one year: by practicing mindfulness

Update: I’ve significantly shifted my views on this experience and topic, which you can read here. While I still promote the approach of mindfulness, I don’t encourage the focus on weight loss.

In 2017, I lost 14kg (30lbs). It was a steady loss of 1-1.5kg/month, and 75% of the weight lost was fat. I’ve been as surprised as anyone else, because it didn't seem like I was doing anything big. Here's what I did do.