The characteristics of resilience

At a workshop I attended recently, I came across a description of the characteristics of resilience that really resonated with me. Based on a 2006 study by Connor, a more resilient person has:

  • An internal locus of control (they rely on their own spirit and abilities)
  • Personal goals
  • A stronger sense of commitment to self
  • A sense of meaningfulness
  • An action oriented approach
  • An ability to view stress as a challenge which can help strengthen them
  • Strong relationships and the ability to ask for help
  • A cheerful approach towards life (a sense of humour, not getting too serious)
  • Patience and tolerance of negative emotions
  • Faith (a basic trust in their own resourcefulness as well as something outside of them, like other people, communities, or a higher power)

The areas that I’d like to work on more are taking more action (rather than thinking, planning, strategizing, reviewing) and adopting a more cheerful approach towards life. I’ve set these against each other in the past, pushing myself to take more action and berating myself for not doing so. I’d like to work on both of these together, especially since one of my most used words recently is ‘coexist’.

What are the areas you’d like to work on for greater resilience?