What drives internal shifts?

As I looked back at the year to see how much I've shifted, I wondered when those shifts really happen. I came to realize that I shift everyday. I don't perceive these shifts as they happen because they occur in subtle, seemingly inconsequential moments or events in the large scheme of things. 

They happen in the moments when I make small choices. In the moment when I realise I'm full and decide to stop eating before I'm uncomfortably full. In the moment when I realise I'm going to be out in the night and won't have time to write my daily blog post, so I decide to write something around lunch time. Even if in the next meal I'm not mindful or I don't plan better the next day. 

They happen during meaningful conversations. When I've talked about something I'm passionate about and leave with a sense of renewed commitment to that passion. When I've listened to someone's life story and their experiences, and leave with my understanding of the world broadened just a bit. Even if those conversations don't go anywhere or I don't meet that person again. 

They happen when I make time for intentionality. When every Sunday, I update my online journal on what I'm grateful for from the past week and what I intend to focus on in the coming week. When I take stock of the habits I want to make a priority and when I set up reminders for myself for those. Even though I don't usually revisit those intentions and plans to evaluate myself. 

They happen when I write for myself. When I explore my thoughts and emotions step by step, talking myself through them with curiosity and love. When I note down what I'd like to remember from the TED talk I just watched. Even if I don't revisit those notes or journal entries ever again. 

Change doesn't come from transformative events or huge steps. It comes from the choices we make every single day.

Yet, its easy to dismiss the meaning or impact of these small moments on our lives. We write off days and weeks of our lives, feeling like we have all the time in the world to make the changes we want. We also pressure and convince ourselves to make big changes, big purchases, big promises, because its inconceivable how we could reach our big goals without those. 

So rather than celebrating the big shifts, I'd like to celebrate all those small moments and choices I made that aligned with who I want to be and what I value. And rather than having one big moment of celebration and happiness, I'd like to value and be grateful for those moments every time they happen, even if they occur in the midst of a sea of sub-optimal choices. It easier to get caught up in worrying about how or if it will all add up, but all I need to do is show up in the present moment and do my best then.